Where Is God Today?

Ingrid van Boxtel

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Where Is God Today?

Ingrid van Boxtel

More | Personal Experiences

Where Is God Today? Two trajectories that have occupied me for a very long time are, as it were, universal paths of life: to find the way to myself and to discover the way that leads me to the divine source or the light within myself. And it seems more and more that these two paths are merging. God is not outside of me, but is in me.

The traveller

Being a traveller and to discover require from you to forget where you come from and not to know where you are going. It requires pure surrender to be in the now. It asks to let go of all your certainties and to sail on that which develops.

‘I walk in the desert, men walk around me, just like me they are travellers. We walk in silence, a great setting sun is visible in the sky in front of us. We are on the way. I feel sad. In the area of my heart. I had to leave something behind that hurts my heart. I cry on the way, I have to keep going. Tears run down my cheeks for the goodbye I feel. I will not come back to where I came from.
The sun keeps on pointing me. And I put my faith in that. That which is behind me has been. I have to let it go to continue. Somewhere a new energy comes up in the body, this is accompanied by a new feeling of joy, a feeling of wonder. As if something beautiful is about to happen, which I don’t know about at the moment. On top of that I still feel the sadness of what I have had to leave behind, I need time to process it and let it flow out, the tears keep running.

So, what have I left behind, they are dear people, places that have offered me shelter, lapsed certainties, experiences of triumph and failure, emotions of joy and pain, all who ultimately just go with me. They are in me. Everything travels with me, but has a latent place in my consciousness. I can go back to it every now and then, where it is still as I left it. I don’t need anything from it now, every place has already had its attention and the next time what is important in a new place will reappear in a new form. I feel that I haven’t fully understood it yet and know that it will ask me to look at it again.

I let go of what has been and it lets go of me so that I can reconnect again. I walk on and around me everyone is in their own silence. We don’t wonder why we walk, we walk, we don’t wonder where, the destination will be there. What life has to teach us will manifest in our outside world and touch our senses. Over and over again and each time in a different form until we identify with the places within ourselves that we previously placed only outside of ourselves. Then there will be a sense of unity, because everything is allowed to be there. Every destination is like coming home to myself. I am one with all that is, the light in myself becomes more and more powerful and no longer wanders. God is in me.

The monastery

I believe in a trinity of father, mother, child. In monasteries and churches the male principle (spirit) still dominates in my opinion. By giving a correct balance with the feminine interpretation, making the connection with spirit and feeling, magic is created. Monasteries have been home to many orders in the past. Now in many of these places people are looking for meaning (in a different or new form). The way from head to heart may be made. Then a person comes into connection with himself and from here he can make the connection with others.

I envision the monastery as a place (that may be created there) with a loving heart (of residents / volunteers / professionals) where travellers knock to be received with loving attention. For me, a monastery is a place where you come and go (a ford). On leaving the monastery, the loving attention has ensured that travellers again see flowers blooming on the roadsides of their path (the traveller was allowed to come home to himself and others in this magical place).

I would like to join that transition process, because I believe in it!

Trinity translated into a story today

Magical child

Let me tell the story that can be heard, that can inspire

This is the story of the magical child

‘In the garden of the monastery a man walks, a man in elegant clothes, carrying his hat with a feather in his hand. His steps are a bit rushed and his gaze is looking for someone to help him. A child notices his presence and walks up to him and asks him the reason for his visit. He is looking for the owner of the monastery. “I am,” says the child. The man smiles and winks at the child. “Okay, then if you own all of this, how do I make sure my horse is fed, I have a place to stay and can use a good meal.” The child looks at him and indicates that there is no stable master at all and that there are no rooms or options for dining as a guest. ‘This is my house, my home’. ‘Everyone is welcome in my house, but does not act like a guest. I want you to feel at home too ‘. The man does not understand at all what the child is saying to him. The child looks him straight in the eye and asks him what his reason is for coming to this monastery. The man indicates that he is in transit and wants to spend the night. ‘Tomorrow I will saddle up my horse again and travel on’. “Then I ask you to choose another place to spend your night,” is the child’s answer. ‘My house is there for those who want to find a destination in my house, for those who I can make happy with the flowers in the garden, my listening ear, my smile, my imagination and my openness. My house is there for those who want to slow down and be amazed at what arises in this being together. There is no time here, life takes place according to the elements’.

The man is intrigued by this child’s wisdom and magic words. They seem to be the words of an old wise lady. The man asks whether the child’s parents also live in the monastery. ‘My parents represent the spirituality and matter. I am the magic brought together by them here ‘. “Does this mean your parents are gone”? ‘My parents are present in everything, they are the light and the love that connects everything here’. The man looks around, in the distance he sees a gardener who is calmly carrying out his job. Furthermore, there is no one in the garden to be seen.

The man gives the child a pat on the head and continues on his way inside. It is also quiet inside and no voices or people can be heard. The man walks into some rooms, but all are deserted. When he turns around, the child is in front of him. The man is a bit startled, “I did not realize that you were following me.” ‘I didn’t follow you, you came to me’. The man sits down for a moment and wipes some drops of sweat from his head. The child keeps looking at him. ‘Why the rush? What part of your life would you like to leave behind or what makes you reach for the future? The moment is now and will always be now, the only thing that changes is you.

The child asks if the man has time to look at something. After some hesitation, the man gives in and follows the child to a painting of mother and child. ‘I ask you to stand in front of this painting and tell me what the feeling tells you’. ‘I see a woman with a child, the child is a bit large. It feels like the child is this mother’s treasure. She would like to show it to the world, even if the child is vulnerable. ‘ ‘What is this mother’s message?’ asks the child. “The magic of God touched her by giving her a child,” says the man. ‘Exactly, it is the story of receiving and creating. It is a collaboration between the masculine and the feminine principle to create magic ‘. The man asks the child why this image is so important to the child. The child does not answer the question, but suddenly bursts into laughter. ‘The only reason I’m taking you to this painting is to bring you to your feeling, your own fantasy world, your own creative garden. Life is not a still picture, but continuously in motion and that which touches your senses provides nourishment to that which presents itself in you to be seen. If you keep going through life in a hurry, you go beyond the essence. Your own essence. You will not recognize yourself in all that is passing you because you are blinded. You keep looking for something out of your reach, while the treasure is within you. The woman and the child are also present within you as sacred forces. They make you unique and special. They represent your intuition, feeling and your creative power to manifest your essence. This place is not an inn or retreat, it is a meeting place with yourself and others’. ‘Leave haste and responsibility for what they are, time hangs on a tree branch here’.

“Before you continue, I want to show you some more,” the child says. The man is dazed by everything he has seen in a very short time while he has only taken a few steps, but he continues to follow the child.

The child leads the way and takes the man to a central place where a group of people prepare a meal and prepare a table together. A few women are talking to each other. The windows are open, so that nature connects in presence. A warmth can be felt in the room. The child asks the man what he is seeing. ‘I see a group of people who together give substance to the daily’. ‘You can see that with your eyes’, the child says, ‘can you now tell me what you feel’. “I see a group of friends,” says the man. “I feel togetherness, openness, respect, joy and unity when I view them from my heart.” ‘What does that feeling do to you’? ‘It makes me happy, it gives me a warm feeling. A feeling of coming home ‘.

One of those present walks up to the man and asks him to join them. The man is startled for a moment and looks in the direction of the child, but there is no child. The man blinks for a moment. “I was just received by a small child who showed me the way to this place.” The woman laughs a little, “There are no children living here at the moment.” ‘But know you’re in the right place, come along’


About the author

Ingrid van Boxtel

Creator and founder of Calumma

My mission is to bring light and love into people’s hearts through attunement and presence by reconnecting them with their true selves. I have made the same journey and I know how important it is to see a guide every now and then and to be able to feel that there is loving attention on a road that sometimes feels very lonely. I believe that we can go beyond suffering and that life can be lived in love, connection and pleasure. Life is a magical game and I like to take like-minded travelers to an inner world waiting to be discovered. The great thing is that every journey has its own pace and story, but the destination is the same for everyone, namely to reach your own essence.

Calumma provides playful consultancy and encourages awareness to restore the balance within any kind of system. The system as being you as a person, your organization, your family, in short, that which requires cooperation and connection. Intuitive leadership is the magic word to (re) connect as a system. Calumma is aimed at travelers and entrepreneurs who are guided by feeling and who choose authenticity from their own leadership. Those who allow themselves to be guided by wonder in order to increase their own potential. The basis is based on the three laws of nature from Bert Hellinger’s constellations work. To create magic, you still need the magic wand and correct spell. Let Calumma just have it in hand.

Would you like to meet or learn more about my background? Then visit my website: www.calumma.nu